Together Against Gencode (TAG) is an international, non-governmental human rights organisation resolved to end the impunity of those responsible for international crimes and to assist those who have fallen victim to them.
Founded as Tamils Against Genocide in 2008 in response to the 26-year long civil war in Sri Lanka, TAG’s remit has grown to reflect its international growth and the diverse heritage of its volunteers and supporters.
TAG provides expertise to governments and organisations, both foreign and domestic, in their efforts to seek justice for the victims of international crimes.

Through a global network of academics, lawyers, professionals, students and concerned individuals , TAG’s work includes:

Legal assistance. TAG assists in the rehabilitation efforts of war time survivors who are seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. This empowers them to continue their lives. TAG also supports strategic litigation in the area of refugee law.

Litigation.  TAG engages in strategic litigation as a public interest intervener. It supports efforts for the prosecution of war crimes and genocide through domestic and international legal processes.

Eyewitness stories. TAG raises the public profile of atrocities by creating a platform for the stories of survivors. This platforms allows the many narratives of the conflict to be heard and disseminated.

Research. TAG’s research team continuously reports on the developments in the evidence of human rights violations and international crimes in Sri Lanka. We also support genocide studies and related fields of academic research.

TAG was founded in the United States in 2008 as Tamils Against Genocide.  Following English incorporation in 2012, all non-US activities were transferred to the UK.  In June 2015, Tamils Against Genocide (Europe) was renamed to Together Against Genocide. The US organisation will continue its US war crimes litigation efforts under its original name.