Eyewitness: Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

By Together Against Genocide (TAG, formerly Tamils Against Genocide), Friday, May 16 2014
For the first time in 5 years, we have decided to selectively open up our archive of witness accounts from inside of Sri Lanka's Killing Fields. Here we publish some of what was told to us by those who witnessed first hand the genocide in Sri Lanka. We have changed the names of people and places, and even the dates of events, redacting identifiable details where possible to protect our sources. The Sri Lankan state still actively hunts down and persecutes those who speak out about the events of 2009, so much so that a full and fair narrative may take years to emerge.

We'd like to acknowledge our team of multi-disciplinary volunteers - lawyers, international relations and social science scholars and technologists who helped with the work needed to record these stories and who have almost all chosen to stay anonymous for reasons of security.  The accounts here have been selected and written up by our resident linguists Paul MM Cooper and Shash Trevett.